The full version has been having some work done fixing database problems and a few other revisions, but should be back in the iTunes store by early March.  ps Yes, I have changed this date 4 times now!!  Multiple promised deadlines in getting this done haven't been met - sorry about the delay. I hope I don't have to change it again!
Apparently the saving of progress to the database was done in a very shonky way by the original developers, meaning that it couldn't cope with the large amount of data in the full version (but the smaller lite version is okay). So, the whole method of saving is being changed, as well as sub-dividin the levels, adding a help screen, and a few other small things. It's taken much longer than imagined, but was apparently necessary. My apologies again to anyone waiting on the update.
Since making the full version free it suddenly got 800 downloads, after a previous high of say, 4! People love their free apps obviously. I intended to let out around 100 in order to get some more feedback about the data loss situation to report to the developers - 800 is kind of overdoing it! Anyway, I hope you downloaders enjoy the app and spread the word (not with bad reviews about kanji data loss, there'll be a fix soon!)
The full version has sometimes been having trouble accessing the kanji and progress data from an external file. Hopefully this will be fixed very shortly ith an update. In the update I will also include in-app help info, lower the sounds, edit some data, and set the loading default to 'random'. Any other quick edits I should do?
If you are experiencing the kanji/progress loss situation, please leave feedback below, with the basic specs of your device.
Get the full version of Kanji Wordsearch for FREE... to be part of a belated Beta test. Several people have reported some issues with crashing, it appears the developers pre-launch testing wasn't too thorough. So, I've made it free until the issues are straightened out.

As far as I've heard there have been no problems with the lite version, but with the full version occasional problems with crashing, freezing, progress loss have been rearing their ugly little heads for some users. Please leave feedback on any problems you experience with the app (or also if you use it extensively without problems), including iPhone version and memory etc.

If you've already paid for the full version, you can contact me for a refund or hang in there for an update.







The full and lite app are now in the iTunes appstore - it only took about 4 days to approve - much quicker than I thought! Now I've got it linked to a App Annie account which tracks all the sales, very handy and easy to use.
I've contacted a few bloggers, kanji experts, and Japanese magazines to try to spread the word - it will be featured in Metropolis in an upcoming issue, which should generate some interest.